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About us

The creation of Happy Teapot was not triggered by a moving personal story or a life-changing moment. It was just my wish to share my love for unique, beautiful, high-quality objects that have the power to transform our significant or everyday moments in life. It was also my strong belief that there are lots of people out there loving out-of-the-box, tailor-made celebrations, fresh ideas that will turn their party into a magical and extraordinary event.


Happy Teapot’s online shop was created in the spring of 2012 and while waiting for my first order, my feelings were mixed: Ι was full of enthusiasm and anticipation, but also a little bit worried about what could go wrong in the first steps of this fresh new start. I will never forget how I felt when this first order was placed. And strangely enough, I will never ever forget the name of my very first customer!


Although online shopping is for most people cold and impersonal, I never thought of my online store as being a virtual shopping place created somewhere far away in Web. For me, it has always beenrealandtangible. I treat all my customers with all the care and attention they deserve, in order to build loyal shop-customer relationships, as the ones I’ve always imagined and dreamed of. Relationships that do actually emerge, bloom and, some of them, turn into friendships. In the end of 2014, the need to create an actual space that would be Happy Teapot’s showroom was finally fulfilled. Our new store is not just a place to shop; it is where I welcome friends and customers to have a quick morning chat; it is where new ideas are born for the perfect birthday gift; it is where conversations turn into new ambitious projects and enthusiastic suggestions for more unforgettable moments in life. My motto and philosophy behind the creation of Happy Teapot has always been the same: the only thing you really need to make your day is a great idea. AndHappyTeapot, ofcourse!